Chris Pratt pulled off an absurdly brilliant magic trick on Graham Norton's show

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Chris Pratt, actor and dream boat is also a magician. Sort of.

Appearing on the Graham Norton Show on Friday night, Pratt took a stab at reviving some of his old tricks.

Pratt attempted to perform a card trick using fellow guest Will I Am as his volunteer.

Before starting, he reassured the audience that the trick works an entire 50 per cent of the time.

After a long series of increasingly absurd manouevres, in which it appears Pratt has no idea what he's doing, he finally produces the correct card.

We just can't work out if that was all part of the magic or not...

Watch the full clip here:

As magic fans will know, there are three parts to every magic trick.

The Pledge, the Turn, and the Prestige.

Pratt's trick had way more parts.


Having chosen Will I Am, Pratt separated the deck into three piles.

Pratt then asked Will I Am to turn over the top two cards from the middle pile, and place them face up, one on each of the remaining piles.

The top card on the middle pile was then Will I Am's card. He showed it to the audience but kept it hidden from Pratt.

Will I Am put the card back into the middle pile and then shuffled the pile.

Pratt did some Pratt magic.

Pratt took the two face up cards from the other piles (both fours) and placed one on top of the middle pile and one on the bottom.

Based on the fact two of the cards are fours, he comes up with a name for the trick: 'Two fours'.

Then he put the middle pile into the middle of the other two piles, and asked Will I Am to shuffle the deck four times.

If it doesn't work I'm going to be really embarrassed.


On his fourth shuffle Will I Am possibly messed up the trick by pushing the cards in the middle, but Pratt ploughs on.

Pratt tries to find the card.

He gives himself four chances, based on the name he just made up.

Each time he gets one wrong he removes that card, and moves the card beneath it to the back of the deck.

Second try.


Ahead of Pratt's fourth attempt, Will I Am names his card, which for some reason he calls the "A of hearts".

So close!

Seemingly defeated, Pratt fist bumps Will I Am and does some more Pratt magic.


God damn you Chris Pratt. Beautiful as well as a showman.

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