A comedian started a 'DeadDadTinder' Instagram to find out if men actually read her bio

A comedian started a 'DeadDadTinder' Instagram to find out if men actually read her bio

Comedian Jenn Welch decided to do something a bit different on Tinder.

Welch, who sadly lost her dad recently, made a profile on the dating app to say just that.

Her bio reads: "I’m a comedian! My dad just died".

The results are equally enlightening and heartbreaking.

She explained on Instagram:

I decided to take my sadness to everybody’s favorite casual hook-up swamp, Tinder, and fling it at my matches like an unsolicited dick pic.

I put everything a Tinder match would need to know right there in my bio - I’m a comedian, my dad just died - and since a lot of men don’t read words if there’s a picture of pretty lady’s face above them, I made sure to mention my dad’s death at the top of each conversation.

The responses have run the gamut from sweet to repulsive and wow I suddenly feel less alone.

Welch set up an Instagram account to document the Tinder conversations she had following her bio update.

Some are awkward, some show that men really don’t read women’s bios. And some restore a miniscule amount of faith in the oposite sex.

This guy admitted to not reading her bio:

This guy was just offensive:

But some of her matches were sweet:

This guy was the absolute worst:

From everyone at indy100, we're sorry to hear about your loss Jenn.

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