Dan Wootton couldn’t even wait a day to criticise Meghan Markle over the Queen’s funeral

Dan Wootton couldn’t even wait a day to criticise Meghan Markle over the Queen’s funeral

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Controversial GB News host Dan Wootton couldn’t help but take another dig at Meghan Markle and how she supposedly acted during the Queen’s funeral on Monday – and it’s safe to say that Twitter isn’t having any of it.

The Daily Mail columnist and presenter brought on royal writer Tom Bower to discuss the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s appearance at the ceremony, in an interview which saw Wootton suggest that despite “concessions” from King Charles and Prince William, the couple are “never going to be happy”.

He asked Bower: “Meghan – someone who, obviously, you have spent the last couple of years reporting on – she was very emotional today at the service. Was she close to the Queen?”

The former journalist replied: “Well, was she emotional back then? I mean, was she allegedly touched a tear, or was it the act of a Hollywood actress thinking it’d be a good gesture to suggest a tear?

“I think the only person that Meghan, I think at the moment, is crying for, is for herself – certainly not for the Queen. After all, she’d been pretty rude about her in the Oprah Winfrey interview - whatever she might have said, the implication was pretty awful.

“Of course she wasn’t close.”

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During a period where many would probably want to talk about The Queen and her role as a monarch, Wootton’s focus on Harry and Meghan has faced strong criticism from Twitter users – with many referencing his comments about the late Love Island presenter, Caroline Flack:

It isn’t the first time Wootton has attracted controversy during the period of national mourning over the Queen, as he was accused of “hypocrisy” for sharing a video of him laying flowers at Buckingham Palace in what was supposedly a moment of “quiet reflection”.

This was despite him penning a tweet back in November 2020 about Harry and Meghan – obviously – where he criticised the pair for being photographed paying tribute on Remembrance Sunday in what is a “deeply personal moment”.

It seems Dan is becoming more rotten than Wootton…

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