Dave Portnoy wants to 'throw out' his Miami mansion after spotting annoying detail

Joe Rogan hopes Andrew Tate was not accused of crimes due to …

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy appears to have it all, including a self-reported $100m fortune, and a palatial Miami mansion.

But even all of that can't bring you guaranteed happiness, as the internet celebrity's latest rant proves.

He said he's ready to "throw out" his Florida pile - because of annoying issue with his TV.

On Tuesday (16 January), he shared an image of his neutral-toned living room with large windows, an open walkway, and a television encased by what appears to be a marble border.

"People think rich people don't have problems. 'Like gee, what could ever bother Dave and his 100 million dollars?"

However, despite how elegant the room looks, Portnoy's grievance happens to be that fancy-looking TV, which is not centred correctly.

"Well, take a look at how they hung my TV in my new Miami mansion. How do you not center it? It's preposterous. I may need [to] throw this house out and buy a new one now," he complained.

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Fans were on board with his nitpicking complaint.

One person on Twitter wrote: "Damn wouldn't want to trade places with you. That's disgusting…"

"I'd start over. This is not what you delivered all those papers for, "another added.

A third wrote: "Nah, I would throw an absolute fit. Blasphemy."

Someone else added: "I feel that how much does the earth cost? I'm buying a new one."

Check out other reactions below.

In other Portnoy news, he revealed that he was going to end his podcast, The Dave Portnoy Show because he didn't have enough content and it was "terrible."

And most recently, Portnoy made an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience.

He and the controversial podcaster and UFC colour commentator felt it was "crazy" for people not to root for Andrew Tate, despite his arrest for his alleged human trafficking and rape crimes.

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