The way this dog saved a woman from being sexually harassed by her boss is incredible

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When one woman found herself being sexually harassed at work, she received help from the most unexpected source – her boss’ dog.

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, told Bored Panda that she had been helping her dad to renovate one of his clients’ kitchens and look after his dog when she received the unwanted advances.

The client owned a Cane Corso that weighed around 95lbs, which the woman said acted like “a big mushy baby” around her.

She described her boss as a "man in power", who tends to get his own way and is "brutally honest". Two days after she began working for him, the woman began to notice some "red flags".

She told Bored Panda:

Now my boss is a man who always gives hugs to ANYONE he greets. Male, female, child. So I didn’t think anything weird of it until I started to feel his hand brushing against my thighs, my hips, my lower back… 

Then it got to the point where he wouldn’t let me go from a hug and hold me in place…

The woman said that one day she was sitting on the sofa with the dog at her feet, when she felt her boss' hands pulling on her hips. She added:

I moved forward and told him no. He came around the sofa and started walking straight towards me saying how he’s going to ‘tickle’ me.

I panicked and called the dog’s name along with, ‘help me’ or ‘protect me’ to distract him for a little longer before he touched me again.

To her surprise, the dog actually responded to her calls for help.

She said:

The dog got up and stood guard growling and barking at him. He was surprised but also laughing and told me to make her stand down and reward her by saying ‘good girl’. 

My boss then walked away and didn’t touch me for the rest of the time I was there.

The woman said that she is still working for the same boss as she lives "paycheck to paycheck" and can’t afford to leave her job immediately. She said that currently she is not considering making a formal complaint against her boss or suing him, as she feels she has "little power to do anything about it".

She added:

I’m not an expert on dog behaviour and I don’t understand why a dog would disobey its master over someone it barely knows.

But from what I have gathered, dogs have a tendency to protect those in distress so she probably detected something was wrong and that I was panicking.

There's a reason we call dogs 'man's best friend'.

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