Donald Glover says ‘cancel culture’ is ruining the entertainment industry
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Donald Glover, an actor, comedian, and rapper (who also goes by the name Childish Gambino), says new film and television creators are afraid to make anything too original for fear of ‘cancel culture.’

The multifaceted artist divulged his thoughts on the entertainment industry as a whole via tweets. Glover believes that people aren’t going outside the box enough in their careers because they are scared of being ‘canceled.’

Glover initially tweeted that he saw some people having chats about how exhausting it is “reviewing boring stuff (tv & film).”

In another tweet, he states that we are getting “boring stuff” without “experimental mistakes” because of people’s very real fear of wanting nothing to do with your craft.

“So they feel like they can only experiment w/ aesthetic (also because some of em know they’re not that good),” he continued.

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Fans of Glover have chimed in:

In the midst of this, Glover shared a series of Instagram posts starting in early April, then two more photos on Monday showing that he and the cast from his highly revered dramedy, Atlanta, have returned to set for the third season of the show.

Check out some of those posts below.

The show chronicles Earn (played by Glover), a college dropout who seeks to better himself and the lives of his on and off again girlfriend Vanessa ( Zazie Beats) and daughter Lottie through managing his cousin, Paper Boi’s ( Brian Tyree Henry) rap career.

Atlanta received two Golden Globes for best television series.

Insider reports that  Kidd Wes is suing Glover over copyright issues. The Florida-based rapper is suing  Glover  over the well-known 2018 track, “This Is America.”

Kid Wess, whose real name is Emelike Wesley Nwosuocha, alleged that “This Is America” had significant similarities to his song “Made in America.”

Notable defendants mentioned in the complaint are Atlanta-based rapper Young Thug, a background singer and writer for the track, Roc Nation, and Glover’s record label RCA.

Glover reportedly hasn’t addressed these claims as of yet.

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