Donald Trump says he will follow 'two simple rules' - and now everyone's making the same joke

On Thursday, President-elect Donald Trump tweeted a link to his Instagram account with an enticing caption:

Upon further investigation, it can be revealed that the "two simple rules" he claims his administration will adhere to are "Buy American" and "Hire American":

Reactions to the social media cross-posting were mixed:

Some were angry at "clickbait" from the PEOTUS:

Others were shocked that he used any medium other than Twitter:

Some focused on the fact that Trump appears to employ the same childlike graphic designer as the FBI:

Others mocked:

And others pointed out that this was just another Trumpian lie:

But there was one overwhelming reaction at the Donald's suggestion of two rules:

They were, of course, making up their own rules for Trump:

Many pointed out his hypocrisy:

Some were creative...

Others blunt:

Some mimicked the President-elect's language:

Some were hopeful:

Others more cynical:

And some probably quite realistic:

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