Don Jr says he's still wearing a mask because he's so famous

Don Jr says he's still wearing a mask because he's so famous
Donald Trump Jr says his father only praised dictators to ‘play’ them

In a surprising statement, Donald Trump Jr. revealed he plans to continue wearing a mask while flying - but not to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Trump Jr., 44, has outspokenly advocated for the end of mask mandates across the country.

In February the former first son tweeted calling for the end of the California mask mandate. Last May, Trump Jr. agreed with anti-maskers, saying they knew more about science than those advocating for masks.

But early in the morning on Friday, Trump Jr. replied to conservative political commentator Michael Knowles expressing his intent to wear a mask on flights.

"The best part of lifting the mask mandate is that you can now tell with 100% certainty exactly how many libs are on your flight," Knowles tweeted.

Trump Jr. replied, "99.99% I’ll keep wearing one so I can stay under the radar."

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Earlier this week, airline mask mandates were lifted after a Florida judge struck down the CDC's requirement. The judge argued that the CDC had overstepped its line of authority by requiring airline staff and passengers to wear a mask.

The changed mandate is a big win for people who disagree with mask mandates, like Trump Jr.

The former first son's declaration about mask-wearing on planes left some people surprised. One Twitter user, Donita, replied to Trump Jr. explaining some may wear a mask because of health issues.

Many other commenters echoed Donita's point to better inform Trump Jr. that not just liberal-leaning people wear masks on planes.

"You forgot transplant patients, chemotherapy patients and physicians who actually have read the literature and know the benefits of masking during a pandemic," Andreas tweeted at the former first son.

Other people took the opportunity to poke fun at Trump Jr.

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