Donald Trump recently nominated Colorado conservative Neil Gorsuch to take a position on the US Supreme court.

His appointment fills the vacant seat opened by the late Justice Antonin Scalia, and it means there will be a strengthened conservative bloc in the court that will impact decisions on key issues for years to come.

On Thursday, the President announced his decision and shook hands with Gorsuch.

As people have been pointing out, the handshake is weird...

Others are speculating on the state of the president's hands...

What's... What's happening here?

You might remember other times politicians' hands took on a life of their own...

By Ted Cruz:

And when clapping was too difficult a chore...

Like this clip, now turned into a meme, of Michael Gove:

And this isn't the first time Trump's handshake was bizarre.

A few years ago he engaged in what appeared to be a battle for handshake supremacy, with Mitt Romney.

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