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Donald Trumps ascendancy to the Oval Office gripped the world.

Now he's there, enacting a host of policy changes - some of which are incredibly divisive - he's still commanding the attention of the press.

It seems too obvious to say, but Donald Trump may be the most reported on person in the world.

A recent column in the New York Times brought some staggering figures into play.

He broke mediaQuant's figures in January, receiving $817m worth of coverage. This is higher than any person has ever received in the four years mediaQuant has been looking at the media.

Mr Obama's monthly coverage value hovered around $200m and $500m, for perspective.

The highest Hillary Clinton ever received was $430m, in July.

That's not all.

Right now, he's beating everyone else put together.

Trump receives more coverage value than the value of 1,000 of the world's best known figures (excluding Trump and Obama), which combines to $721 million.

There's no easy way out of that quagmire.

HT New York Times

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