False reports said Drake was arrested in club but he was actually just chilling in hotel

False reports said Drake was arrested in club but he was actually just chilling in hotel
Drake's Team Says The Rapper Was Not Arrested In Sweden

Reports that Drake had been arrested in a club in Stockholm, Sweden, turned out to be entirely false.

On late Thursday evening (14 July), those rumours began to take social media by storm as people believed the musical artist had been taken into custody by Swedish authorities for drug possession.

The day before (13 July), the artist's plane, "Air Drake," was seen landing in Sweden. It isn't clear why he is in the country.

Unconfirmed reports initially said that the "Falling Back" artist and his security were arrested at a nightclub for cannabis possession.

A police spokesman later confirmed he was not in police custody.

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The statement comes as The Hollywood Reporter confirmed from the rapper's team that he had not been arrested, despite initial assumptions that he had been taken away by police at a Stockholm nightclub.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed from the artist's team "that the Grammy winner was in his hotel in the Swedish capital and had not been arrested."

The internet was all over the place over the idea that Drizzy was behind bars, with "Free Drake" trending on Twitter.

One wrote: "Never thought I'd see the day that free Drake is trending."

"Free Drake so he can TAKE CARE of his kids that will BE ALIVE At WHAT TIME, so they don't look like a SCORPION but HONESTLY, NEVER MIND, THANK ME LATER for this," another added.

A third quipped: "Damn, I was gonna go to Sweden to help him out."

Some jokingly created song lyrics that they think Drake should consider for a song about his experiences in Sweden.

"Girl, they put me away, but you got me feelin a way," one added.

Check out other reactions below.

A$AP Rocky was infamously arrested there in 2019, and it turned into an international issue where former President Trump got involved.

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