Drake's half-eaten pizza is 'being sold for $500,000'

Drake's half-eaten pizza is 'being sold for $500,000'
Drake's bitten pizza on sale for millions

There have been many questionable items for sale in recent months, including bottles of spit and bath water. But now, Lil Yachty has jokingly suggested he's selling Drake's half-eaten pizza for $500,000 (£402,800).

Over the weekend, the rapper took to his Instagram story with a snap of the partially eaten pizza. "Selling this drake bit slice of pizza for 500k," the on-screen text read.

The post soon made its way over to Twitter, where one person responded: "The fact that someone will actually buy this".

"We just hit a peak of the financial bubble," another tweeted, while a third joked: "Make the bread... Or sell that bread".

One intrigued investor asked: "Where do I inquire?"

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It comes after Lil Yachty joined Drake on a live stream on Saturday (3 June) for online betting agency Stake.

At one point, the Toronto rapper was left red-faced after attempting to donate $500 (£400) to an online streamer – but his card declined.

After entering a verification code to authorise the purchase, the dialogue box disappeared to show the payment hadn't in fact gone through and Drake would have to try and pay again.

"Embarrassing," Drake sang in a high-pitched voice, as fellow rapper Lil Yachty smiled at the mishap next to him.

Many more viewers turned their attention to Drake's yellow-painted nails.

While some were quick to praise the star's decision, others weren't too keen on the colour choice and wished he had opted for a different shade.

"I never have an issue with men wearing nail polish itself but my issue is the fact they always choosing ugly colour," one person quipped.

Meanwhile, another added: "Why is Drake wearing yellow nail polish…. Ugh."

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