Dyslexic MP describes what it is like to receive online abuse for spelling mistakes


An MP has opened up about his difficulties with cyber abuse concerning his dyslexia.

Peter Kyle, the MP for Hove and Portslade, shared a thread on Twitter about the cruel bullying he suffers as a result of his condition.

"I want to say something about living with acute dyslexia because Twitter can be a pretty unforgiving place for people with unseen challenges." he began, before explaining the mechanics of dyslexia.

"What’s it like? Imagine a car where the gearbox (my eyes) isn’t connected properly to the engine (brain)." he said.

Sometimes words are just shapes. However much I try to engage my brain, the connection just isn’t there. I can see the shape but it simply has no meaning.

Shockingly, Kyle revealed that while many people are kind on Twitter, many others are cruel enough to call him "thick".

His brave admission led many others to talk about their struggles with dyslexia, and will hopefully remind people to be more kind.

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