Ed Miliband called out Theresa May in three words and an acronym
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Theresa May's government launched an assault on liberal sensibilities on Wednesday morning; ramping up anti-immigrant rhetoric and turning against the "metropolitan elite".

Home secretary Amber Rudd has come in for criticism for her speech at the Conservative party conference on Tuesday in which she called for companies hiring foreign workers to be "named and shamed".

Separately, the prime minister pledged to put "the power of government squarely at the service of ordinary working-class people" and promised price controls on energy companies.

Such seemingly right-wing social policies (immigration) and left-wing economic policies (energy), saw some compare May to a cross between former (or is he still current?) Ukip leader Nigel Farage and former Labour leader Ed Miliband.

Ukip MEP Patrick O'Flynn accused May of "lifting" policies from his party's 2015 general election manifesto:

While Ed Miliband took to Twitter to offer up this short statement, in which he appeared to turn the criticisms the right-wing press used against him on to May:

Great Milibanter...

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