James Blunt has brutal response to Ed Sheeran's performance for the England team

James Blunt has brutal response to Ed Sheeran's performance for the England team
James Blunt faces odd questions on plastic surgery during BBC Breakfast interview
BBC Breakfast

Ed Sheeran gave a private performance for the England football team recently, with Gareth Southgate and his side watching on after their game against Slovakia.

It’s quickly become one of the most talked about moments of the Euros among fans and footage of Sheeran performing his song ‘The A Team’ to the squad sparked a big reaction online.

While many enjoyed the clip, it must be said that not all of it's been positive.

First up, Ryanair’s social media admin straight up trolled Sheeran by commenting that Southgate’s side had ‘suffered enough already’.

Now, Blunt has jokingly claimed that he’s booked as a punishment in case they lose their next game.

“And I’m booked to do the same if they lose against Switzerland,” Blunt wrote.

Other reactions came in thick and fast. One joked: “Gareth Southgate is only person alive who would think that Ed Sheeran is the man to bring in to boost the spirits of the English players.”

The Paddy Power account also joked: "Gareth Southgate has warned his players that if they don't beat Switzerland, Sheeran will play another concert, and this time James Corden will be there too."

It comes after England pulled off one of their most remarkable wins in tournament history on Sunday (June 30), after putting in a terrible performance against Slovakia before two late goals saw them through to the quarter-finals.

Southgate’s side will now play Switzerland in the quarter-finals on Saturday (July 6).

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