Ellen Pompeo ‘terrified’ to watch Grey’s Anatomy with daughter because a character ‘had oral sex with a ghost’

<p>Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey in Grey’s Anatomy</p>

Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey in Grey’s Anatomy


Grey’s Anatomy might be on their 18th season, but Ellen Pompeo has avoided watching the medical drama with her daughter Stella Ivery—and she’s ‘terrified’ for when that day will come.

Admittedly, Grey’s isn’t necessarily the most child-friendly show out there, a fact which Pompeo seems to agree with.

On a recent episode of her podcast “Tell Me with Ellen Pompeo,” Pompeo credited the major sexual content on the show for being the main reason her 12-year-old daughter doesn’t watch her mom on-screen— even though Stella’s friends do.

Speaking with bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell about the scandalous nature of the show she said, "Even though network TV, there was a lot of stuff happening," adding: “It was [a] pretty racy network show for the time."

She shared that she does eventually plan to sit with her daughter, but she’s not exactly in any rush.

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When Gladwell suggested that perhaps the level of explicit content had been ‘distorted’ by Pompeo after such a long run—the actress quipped about one particular very vivid NSFW scene.

"Listen, there's one scene, for sure, where a character — not me — had sex with a ghost," she said. "Had oral sex with a ghost."

Of course, fans of the show will remember the storyline Pompeo is referring to. In season five, it was Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) began to have realistic hallucinations of her former fiancé Denny, and at one point even had sex with him in her mind. It was later revealed that the hallucinations were a symptom of Izzie’s cancerous brain tumor.

"I'm pretty sure I just don't feel like having that conversation with my 12-year-old, you know?" Pompeo said with a laugh.

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