Elon Musk says he would reverse Twitter's Trump ban

Elon Musk has revealed that when he gains control of Twitter he plans on reversing Donald Trump's ban - and he has an idea of what Trump will tweet first.

On Tuesday, Musk, 50, attended the Financial Times'Future of the Car conference where he spoke about Tesla and addressed some of his ideas for Twitter should his $44 billion deal go through.

The Tesla CEO said he wants to make Twitter a better platform but to do so it must establish trust with users by getting rid of bots, scammers, and spammers. Musk emphasized that both he, and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, believe bans should only be utilized for accounts that have no legitimacy to them

Musk believes banning Trump from Twitter was, "flat out stupid" as it did not get rid of Trump's voice it only "amplified it among the right."

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Although he did not reveal much more about reinstating Trump's account during the conference, on Twitter Musk agreed with Billy Markus, the creator of Dogecoin, about the repercussion of reinstating Trump.

"if donald trump gets back on twitter this is all that will happen 1) he won't use it or 2) he will make a single tweet that is like "this site is bad come to truth social" or whatever it's called it doesn't matter, adults don't need to have yet another meltdown, ffs," Markus tweeted.

"Exactly," Musk responded.

In 2021, Trump was banned from Twitter for spreading misinformation regarding the election. Trump said the election was "stolen" from him and votes were not counted in order to help President Joe Biden win.

No evidence of this has been found.

Notably, on January 6, followers of Trump stormed the Capitol due to his "stolen election". Some have attributed Trump's use of social media to perpetuating the insurrection, leading Twitter to ban the former President.

Musk said despite this, he believes Trump should not have been banned rather "bad tweets" should be "invisible" or "deleted."

Despite being invited back, Trump has publicly stated he has no intention of returning to Twitter.

The Tesla CEO has expressed his desire to make Twitter a better forum for debate and speaking freely. Echoing much of what he previously said, Musk told the Financial Times he believes Twitter "is the best, or least bad, public square."

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