The 31 worst memes that Elon Musk has ever shared

The 31 worst memes that Elon Musk has ever shared
Musk Finally Sets a Soft Date for Stepping Down as Twitter CEO

At this point, we’re pretty sure Elon Musk only bought Twitter so he had more freedom to post awful memes.

The richest man on the planet has two passions in life, it seems – making money, and spamming our feeds with the kind of memes that would have looked a bit old hat in 2008.

He’s been in particularly poor form recently, churning out memes on a rapid basis over the last few days.

They all deserve a place in Musk’s bad meme hall of fame – and that’s really saying something.

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These are the worst ones from his timeline over recent years, compiled for your viewing (dis)pleasure.


Bit of an own-goal this one – notice the Twitter logo on the “brainwashed” person’s right leg?

Cocaine bear


Squidward on the toilet


Whatever the heck this is

Click bait

The illuminati

Who let the dogs out?

Meta meme

Zombie defence


Rat meme



Twitter files

Comparing himself to Batman?


Twitter verification

Super Mario as Julius Caesar

Dinosaur hair wash

Random butter tweet

The Rock

Bad cat

Sex tape

Singing Spongebob

Nasa kitchen

Chuck Norris chess


Bill Gates and a pregnant man


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