Every picture of this wedding proposal got photobombed by a stingray

A stingray was the unexpected star of a wedding proposal at an aquarium in Toronto recently.

Imgur user McYay posted a series of pictures to the website from her boyfriend's meticulously planned proposal in which the happy pair are upstaged by a stingray in every picture.

"We were watching the stingray feeding and at the end of the ‘Ray bay’ show the host asked for two volunteers to play a game and they picked us to go up... which I thought was weird because it was Family Day (think 1000 children in the place),” McYay wrote.

My boyfriend puts his hand up and we get picked, the game is for him to try describing a stingray and me try to guess what type. As he is describing to me ‘it has a tail’ and ‘it’s grey’ I’m thinking I am so embarrassed and this is definitely some sort of prank on me because people in the audience are giggling and gasping.

Unbeknown to McYay, a diver in the ray tank holding a banner reading 'Will you marry me?' had swum up behind her.

Host lady says I can turn around and see for myself and tadaaaa. Obviously spend the next 10 minutes crying and laughing at the same time.

But one ray decided it wanted to be a part of the magic too.

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But maybe we're being too harsh on the little fella.

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Maybe the stingray is just offering its congratulations rather than stealing the spotlight.

It looks so happy for them.


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