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Joey Hensley, a Republican member of the Tennessee Senate, has been caught in a bit of an awkward situation.

Having previously sponsored anti-LGBT legislation, Hensley has identified himself in the past as a “family values” politician, one of Christian values. He's also a family doctor.

Hensley has a second cousin called Lori Barber and the pair have been having an affair since 2014 - according to the sworn testimonies of Barber and her estranged husband.

Hensley isn’t just Barber’s second cousin, but also her employer. She has worked part time in his practice since 2013, the Nashville Scene reports.

He sponsored the “Don’t say gay” bill in 2012, which would have banned teachers from even acknowledging that homosexuality exists. He has also said that the programme Modern Family isn’t appropriate for children to watch because it features a married gay couple raising children.

But Hensley and Barber have apparently discussed getting married.

This would be Hensley’s fifth marriage.

Hensley has said the affair has ended, according to the Scene. He said:

It’s not still ongoing. That was several months ago, years ago. I didn’t break any laws. I’m not married, I’m divorced. … And nothing happened while I was married. … She didn’t leave [her marriage] because of me, it wasn’t because of me. We’ve been friends for 30 years or more. She’s related to me, but she’s been a friend too.

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