Students’ hack for getting ‘unlimited Domino’s pizza’ sparks TikTok debate

<p>Stealing or being savvy? TikTokers are divided over the hack</p>

Stealing or being savvy? TikTokers are divided over the hack


A group of students have shared a trick for how to get free pizza from Domino’s.

Great. We a love a freebie, right?

It’s not quite that simple. Scores of viewers are torn over whether the resourceful friends are playing the system smartly, or just plain stealing.

A clip of them performing the hack, which has been viewed more than 3.8 million times, shows the pals sitting at their table in the restaurant, tupperware in hand.

They then begin piling slices of pizza into the containers as they whisper: “Nobody’s gonna know.”

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They then sneak their plunder into plastic bags under the table and a Domino’s server brings them a fresh pizza.

The video ends with the group running down the street, laden with bags, before celebrating their achievement once they safely reach home.

The clip’s uploader, @gurpreet_gillx, explained that their nearby Domino’s has “a deal where you get a free pizza every time you finish a pizza.”

“We paid €7.50 each and got four pizzas and refill drinks,” she said, adding that they “did it right”.

The friends sprinted away triumphantly

The move prompted thousands of comments from fellow TikTokers – some in awe at their ingenuity, others questioning the configuration of their moral compass.

“This is every student’s dream,” wrote one admirer.

“If I worked at Domino’s I wouldn’t even care cause at the end of the day that doesn’t affect my pocket so I would just pretend I didn’t notice,” another said.

Another commented: “Best thing about this is it’s not even stealing.”

However, others weren’t so sure.

“I think it is illegal,” one sceptic replied.

Another pointed out: “This is stealing. Because it is in house consumption only. Same with an all you can eat buffet. You’re not allowed to bring containers and take it with you.”

“Yeah because a couple of students struggling with money is going to affect a multi billion dollar company,” one person retorted.

Other TikTokers were more confused that Domino’s actually has dine-in restaurants.

“Since when was Domino’s a sit-down restaurant?” asked one.

“Must be a US thing,” responded another.

While another said: “If only they had this in the UK.”

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