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From party complaints, passive-aggressive note exchanges and stern words over pilling rubbish, we’ve all had our fair share of bad neighbour experiences.

But one Californian woman found a particularly innovative way to get back at her neighbours who had blocked her car by placing a boulder in front of it.

As a Volcanology PhD candidate, luckily Melissa Scuggs had access to an auto chipper which she decided to break down the boulder after repeated requests to her neighbours to move it.

Taking to Twitter, she detailed her revenge against her neighbours in a series of four pictures.

Melissa told Bored Panda that the rock was in place to ensure that Melissa and her neighbours didn't accidentally knock down the fence next to the parking space.

She said:

About a week and a half ago, one of the guys decided that it was too inconvenient for him, and he turned it so that it was more on my side of the fence. 

They wouldn’t answer the door to help me move it back, and it was a few days before I had helped to get it put back. Then on Friday night, they had a really big party. 

She added:

When I woke up, the boulder had been rolled all the way in front of my car.

So I figured that if I moved it back, they were just going to do it again.

People on Twitter were impressed by Melissa’s ingenious act of revenge.

And Melissa was glad that her antics had attracted new followers to her geology-themed account.

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