George Janko says he's removed himself from Impaulsive's 'toxic environment'

George Janko says he's removed himself from Impaulsive's 'toxic environment'
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George Janko has opened up to fans about the “toxic environment” on the Impaulsive podcast amid feud rumours between the hosts.

Fans began speculating about a rumoured feud back in April after discovering Janko had unfollowed Logan Paul and Mike Majlak on Instagram.

The trio used to host the Impaulsive podcast together before Janko appeared to leave and start his own show following Paul’s on-air debate with him about his Christian faith.

In an episode of one of his own podcasts, Janko appeared to hint at some of the reasons he left the trio, joking with guest Tana Mongeau about them starting their own podcast together.

Janko joked: “That would be f**king hilarious. But, can you just do me a favour? Put me in a spot where no one looks at me or talks to me, so I feel like how I used to feel.”

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Now, the former Impaulsive star has addressed concerned fans, reassuring them that he has moved on from the “toxic environment” of the show.

He tweeted: “To the Impaulsive fans, I’m so sorry I can’t speak about things! (NOT MY CHOICE) I do love you guys and for those of you sending me the clip of them talking s**t, it’s all love. I’ve already moved on from that toxic environment.”

In the comments, fans speculated further about what exactly is going on with the three, apparently former, friends.

“Dang they hit bro with an NDA,” one Twitter user speculated.

Another said: “Good for this dude. I watched the Shaq episode and the Bobby Lee episode of Impaulsive and Logan&Mike were mad disrespectful to George.”

indy100 has contacted Impaulsive for comment.

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