George RR Martin reveals what he'd do if he had a real-life dragon

George RR Martin reveals what he'd do if he had a real-life dragon
George RR Martin says he's three quarters through The Winds of Winter

George RR Martin has revealed that he would use a real dragon to fly over to Russia and prevent President Vladimir Putin from using nukes.

On Tuesday (25 October), Martin was a guest on Stephen Colbert's The Late Show, where the host asked him why he believes science fiction books published in the last decades appeared to focus on the destruction of humanity and "dystopian decline."

Martin explained that science fiction mirrors people's worries, referencing how books covered things from the threat of nuclear war in the 1950s to possible takeovers from the undead.

"We may have a nuclear war. And we have new pandemic diseases that are wiping us out," Martin told Colbert.

Martin also pondered on the idea that people can be "optimistic" about climate change and what society would do if Putin decided to "use nuclear bombs."

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"What do we want to do? I wish I had a dragon I could fly to the Kremlin," Martin said, which sparked applause from the audience.

"I Wish I Had A Dragon I Could Fly To The Kremlin" - EXTENDED INTERVIEW with George R.R. Martinyoutu.be

Martin's Game of Thrones series highlighted the power of dragons to put dynasties to an end.

One character, Daenerys Targaryen, had three fire-breathing entities.

In the show's final season, one of her dragons destroyed the capital city of the continent of Westeros, King's Landing.

Elsewhere, Martin's work was recently brought to life again in the fan favourite HBO series House of the Dragon, which features more dragons, including Daemon Targaryen's Caraxes, the "Blood Wyrm" and Aemond Targaryen's massive Vhagar.

House of the Dragonis based on Martin's novel Fire and Blood, and was published in 2018.

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