These guys advertised for 'generic dad' to help make the ultimate BBQ and they got what they wanted

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It doesn't quite feel like summer until you've attended or thrown your first barbecue. However, not all of us actually know our way around a grill... or have the skills to prepare edible food. Uncooked meat is a dangerous thing people.

Dane Anderson from Spokane, Washington, and his mates had this exact problem when it came to planning their end of school year party. Not wanting to miss out on a good barbecue, they hatched a plan to find a ‘rent-a dad’ to man the grill for them.

The boys posted an ad on Craigslist that said:

NEEDED: Generic Father for Backyard BBQ.

The post listed in detail the specific qualities their potential father needed to have including:

An appreciation of a nice, cold beer on a hot summer day

Applicants were required to have eighteen years of experience as a father and must at all times refer to the party goers as 'Big Guy', 'Chief', 'Sport', 'Champ.' (While drinking beer)

There would be preference for anyone with a classic dad name like: ‘Bill, Randy or Dave’.

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The boys were anticipating a poor response, but luckily for them three dads stepped forward, Scott, Pete and Jim.

They didn’t have the standard dad names, but beggars can’t be choosers.

By the end of the event, each dad had been given their own nickname from the boys.

Pete was known as ‘Army Dad’ thanks to his tales from the military.

'The boys' (as they shall be forever known), write on Imgur:

In this picture Pete is singing us an Italian drinking song he learned from one of his Army buddies. Pete brought a pony keg of homebrew to share and some wild stories from his glory days.

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Scott quickly became ‘weed dad’ after producing some ‘infused goodies’ for the lads. The party, he said, provided him with some comfort as he had lost his own father only days earlier.

Scott was also dishing out veggie burgers and A+ fatherly advice the whole time.

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Jim was referred to as 'grill dad’, after bringing his own barbecue.

He brought his own badass smoker/grill and fired it up, churning out delicious burgers and brats all night.

Picture: Imgur

One of the guys brought a goat. Jim grilled it up and everyone got to try some. I'd never had goat before, it's actually pretty good!

Picture:Picture: Imgur

Dane told KHQ:

"To see all my friends gathered in one place and just hanging out, drinking beer, eating barbecue, it's the most magical thing. I'm so happy. I'm really glad that we live in the 21st century where we can have more than one dad."

Even Dane’s own father turned up to surprise his son.

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