Picture: Omak Police/Handout
Picture: Omak Police/Handout

Women are bad at parking, am I right fellas? At least, that's how the story goes.

While there's obviously no truth to the stereotype, one woman in Washington state waited years for a fitting riposte to her husband's allegations that she can't park - and it turned out to be a moment worth waiting for.

65-year-old Clifton Jones managed to drive his SUV straight into a hole left by sewage construction works last week.

He told police he had parked at a bank in the town of Omak and had just pulled out into the road when the car dived bonnet-first into the 3.5m deep hole.

Jones told police and insurance companies that the hole "just wasn't visible". (In his defence, it later emerged that the traffic control cones had been temporarily moved.)

Sherry Jones posted a picture of the incident to Facebook which read: "And he complains about MY parking" which is now not publicly visible but has been liked and shared thousands of times.

Speaking to the Wenatchee World, Clifford said:

It’s something you wouldn’t expect to happen... I know I gave everyone around there their entertainment for the day.

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