Influencer sparks outrage after footage of furious rant shows him threatening nurse who gave him a Covid test

As many people who have been tested for Covid are aware, the experience can be rather unpleasant or even painful, as a swab has to be pushed far up the person’s nose.

But one Instagram influencer has landed himself into some controversy after mistreating a nurse who administered a Covid-19 test.

Syed Syafiq, a Malaysian influencer with over 200,000 followers, posted videos of himself receiving the test and crying afterwards on his Instagram story.

In later posts, he calls the nurse a “b****” in the captions and threatens to legal action. “See you in court, b****,” he wrote in another post.

Another video sees Syafiq confront her and lambast her in front of other staff members.

The influencer was widely criticised by his followers for the way he responded to the nurse when she was simply doing her job.

After all, millions of people have been tested for Covid without taking healthcare workers to court over it.

“I can’t believe our frontliners are already tired, yet they continue to work to help the country and yet they have to deal with a bunch of imbeciles like this,” one person wrote in response.

Following the incident, Syafiq shared an apology on Instagram, and said that he had met up with the nurse and “talked things out together”.

"I should be more understanding of how people are when they are working and under stress,” he wrote. “I truly apologise to both of them, and every other front-liner that has sacrificed their time, energy and safety for the safety of others.”

Take this as an example of how not to act when receiving a Covid test.

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