In five simple words, JK Rowling proved why Donald Trump isn't fit to be president

In five simple words, JK Rowling proved why Donald Trump isn't fit to be president
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On Wednesday night, Donald Trump went head to head with Hillary Clinton in the final debate before the election - but it was the British author who won the debate.

Based on the time stamp, some fans guessed the author of the Harry Potter series must be in Argentina. Big fans. Big following. A good springboard for a presidential run, perhaps...

Rowling's intervention came during a dicussion on the economy.

As Trump attacked Clinton over employment and what he considered to be a lack of growth, he referred to the decline in manufacturing he'd witnessed in the United States.

We're not making things anymore, relatively speaking, our product is pouring in from China, pouring in from Vietnam, pouring in from all over the world. I've visited so many communities, this has been such an incredible education for me, Chris. I've gotten to know so many — I've developed so many friends over the last year. And they cry when they see what's happened. I pass factories that were thriving 20, 25 years ago and because of the bill that her husband signed and she blessed a hundred percent, it is just horrible what's happened to these people in these communities.

To this, JK Rowling, tweeting from some undisclosed location outside of the UK, responded with this beautifully simple takedown:

When someone suggested the author didn't have to watch the debate, Rowling responded with more wisdom than either candidate had shown at the podium.

At the end of the debate, Rowling summed up what many viewers felt. You can almost picture her doing this from the Oval Office, in an address to the nation.


She also retweeted this excellent wisdom:

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