Jacob Elordi becomes latest celebrity targetted by explicit deepfakes

Jacob Elordi becomes latest celebrity targetted by explicit deepfakes
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Euphoria star Jacob Elordi is the latest celebrity to be targeted by NSFW deepfakes online.

Fake naked videos and pictures of Elordi were reportedly shared across X/Twitter, racking up over three million views earlier this week, as per NBC News.

A total of 16 posts were seen by the publication, including Elordi's face edited onto a pornographic video from an OnlyFans creator.

The original creator of the explicit video said he was just 17 when the clip was recorded. He wrote "that's literally my video" and highlighted that "deep fake is getting creepy."

Elordi isn't the first celebrity to be targeted by deepfakes, with the likes of Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Margot Robbie, Bobbi Althoff and Italian prime minister Giorgia Meloni finding themselves the centre of edited X-rated content.

It comes after GLAMOUR magazine put out a new call to the next government to implement a dedicated image-based abuse law to protect women's online and offline safety.

The publication has partnered with End Violence Against Women Coalition, Not Your Porn, and Clare McGlynn, Professor of Law at Durham University to share the stories of real women impacted by image-based abuse.

The next step in the ongoing GLAMOUR Talks Consent Campaign demands the new government to introduce an Image-Based Abuse bill that must, as a starting point, include the following commitments:

  1. Strengthen criminal laws about creating, taking and sharing intimate images without consent (including sexually explicit deepfakes)
  2. Improve civil laws for survivors to take action against perpetrators and tech companies
  3. Prevent image-based abuse through comprehensive relationships, sex and health education
  4. Fund specialist services that provide support to victims and survivors of image-based abuse
  5. Create an online abuse commission to hold tech companies accountable for image-based abuse

"Earlier this year, we held a roundtable on digital consent and the threat of deepfaking to women where we learned the harrowing reality of women’s experience with Image-Based abuse," Deborah Joseph, GLAMOUR’s European Editorial Director, said.

"Hearing from the everyday people who have experienced this was heartbreaking and it is terrifying to know that there is currently no comprehensive legal framework in place to protect women against this crime. We want to see the next government wake up and take the threat of image-based abuse seriously, actioning meaningful change to protect women both in society and online."

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