Bobbi Althoff says she couldn't watch her graphic nude 'leak'

Bobbi Althoff says she couldn't watch her graphic nude 'leak'
Bobbi Althoff Speaks Out on Alleged X-Rated Photo Leaks
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Really Good Podcast host Bobbi Althoff has broken her silence on an explicit video making the rounds on social media.

Taking to Instagram, the 26-year-old shared a lengthy video addressing the NSFW clip that she had to "cover her eyes" for.

She first became aware of it when her name started trending on X/Twitter, leading her to believe that one of her podcast episodes was a topic of conversation online. It wasn't until she was inundated with calls from her management that she knew there was a problem.

"I felt like it was a mistake of something," she said. "I didn't realise that it was actually people believing that that was me."

"Anyway, not me," she added. "Sorry to disappoint, but what the f***? No. That was so graphic too. I was like 'Oh my god, need to cover my eyes.'"

Althoff previously shut down rumours on Wednesday (21 February), saying the video was "definitely AI generated" – a growing concern for many women in the public eye.

"You can clearly judge that it's AI-generated. That is the sick part that shows how vile people are," one fan hit back at the clip.

Another said: "Guys there’s a deepfake/AI video going around of Bobbi Althoff and it’s extremely disgusting. I don’t think she has Twitter so I sent an email to her team about it and to her Instagram. this is so sad :( AI is being used against women & girls, I really hope she takes legal action."

Bobbi Althoff/Instagram

Althoff shot to fame in recent years thanks to her podcast where she interviews a host of A-list celebrities including Michael Cera and Drake in her trademark awkward style.

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