Eddie Hearn tells Jake Paul he 'won't ever get close to being ...

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul faced backlash after tweeting that people who voted for President Joe Biden were to blame for problems in the US like high inflation and low cryptocurrency prices.

On Saturday, Paul, 25, tweeted, "Biden accomplishments 1. Highest gas prices 2. Worst inflation 3. Plummeting crypto prices 4. Highest rent prices ever 5. Created new incomprehensible language If you’re reading this and voted for Biden and you still don’t regret it then you are the American problem."

The President has become a scapegoat for problems like inflation and gas prices over the last year. As leader of the US, most economic problems often fall back on him just as they have for past presidents.

Biden-voters quickly came to the President's defense, explaining to Paul why inflation was occurring and gas prices were high.

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"Dude I'm generally on your side in fights and such, but Canada is over $9 a gallon. Is that Biden fault too or you just fishing for Maga likes?," one Twitter user responded.

Many other people took issue with Paul blaming the crashing cryptocurrency market on the president. Part of the appeal of cryptocurrency to people is the unregulated aspects of it.

"People are blaming "plummeting crypto prices" on Biden? Crypto was supposed to be a hedge against inflation, uncorrelated with other asset-price movements, free of the problems created by fiat currencies. So how are you blaming Biden for the crash?," James tweeted.

"Ah yes, the main Biden accomplishment. Plummeting crypto prices," Younis quote-tweeted.

"1, 2, and 4 are facets of the same problem, and the idea of Joe Biden creating new indecipherable language is funny (like “malarkey”?), but the best part by far is how the new digital currency that can’t be controlled by govts was evidently ruined by a 79-year-old doing nothing," Nicholas tweeted.

Paul's take on cryptocurrency comes after his older brother, Logan Paul, told listeners on his podcast that they had lost money in the crypto market.

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