Mayonnaise is expensive and it’s all Joe Biden’s fault, obviously.

At least that is what North CarolinaRepublicans would have you believe.

Posting on Twitter, the official branch of the party shared a story in which restaurateurs expressed dismayo about the price of mayo, saying they were spending more than $200 a week on it, and claimed this was due to “Bidenflation”, which we assume means inflation caused by Biden.

The North Carolina Republicans must have been too hangry and lacking in eggy nutrients to notice, however, that the article they shared quoted experts who blamed one coronavirus pandemic for inflation, and not Biden. The Biden administration also said inflation was a short-term effect of reopening the economy after over a year of closures and that things would settle down.

Meanwhile, inflation is at around 5.4 per cent at the m(ay)o meaning that if a restaurant is really spending $200 a week on the condiment then... well.

Citizen journalists were quick to scrutinise the saucy claims and roasted the party for smearing the Biden administration:

Despite receiving such a comprehensive dressing down, the party has not issued a further statement. We can only assume they are too busy stockpiling ranch or something. Because, Biden?

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