James Corden’s ‘disturbing’ thrusting in a mouse suit has become the perfect meme

James Corden’s ‘disturbing’ thrusting in a mouse suit has become the perfect meme

It’s fair to say that James Corden – the prolific British comedian who has become a bona fide Hollywood celebrity – is a divisive figure.

But his latest stunt – carried out to promote the new Cinderella film – seems to have left people pretty unanimous in their reaction.

As seen in footage shared on Twitter, Corden joined his co-stars Camila Cabello, Billy Porter and Idina Menzel to take part in a flash mob in the middle of traffic in Los Angeles on Friday.

The foursome were dancing and singing along to Jennifer Lopez’s “Let’s Get Loud” while dressed as their respective film characters, presumably to make people aware of the movie, which will debut on Amazon Prime this September.

So far, so Hollywood.

But, later in the footage, Corden approaches the driver’s side of the car and starts singing through the window.

Then, as J-Lo belts out the iconic “Let’s Get Loud” line, Corden thrusts himself at the car – three times, no less, in time to the beat of the music. And, for extra emphasis, with his hands behind his head.

The unwitting recipient of the close-up dance move was clearly taken by surprise, simply responding: “Oh wow.”

You can see for yourself here:

Now, it’s worth saying that Corden appears in the film as one of the three mice – so his giant rodent costume makes sense.

But the whole scenario, as well as Corden’s rather animated moves, left Twitter baffled and, it’s fair to say, not that amused.

And a particularly good one for Line of Duty fans:

Some, of course, loved it:

It has proved to be the perfect material for memes.

The film is a modern musical spin on the classic fairytale and will feature pop songs and a new twist on the tale.

Corden is one of the stars and producers. It stars Cabello as the classic fairytale princess, who is treated horribly by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters.

Menzel portrays Cinderella’s stepmother, while Pose star Porter portrays Cinderella’s gender-less “fairy godparent” Fab G.

You can find out more about how people reacted to the trailer here. And don’t worry – there’s no thrusting in that one.

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