Anti-vaxxer Jim Corr hilariously misunderstands joke about anti-vaxxers

Anti-vaxxer Jim Corr hilariously misunderstands joke about anti-vaxxers

Just last week, pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced that the coronavirus they are developing has been proven to be “90 per cent effective” in preventing Covid-19.

Understandably, the prospect of finally being able to leave the house and live in a Covid-free world has excited many.

But the news of a vaccine has also ruffled the feathers of anti-vaxx conspiracy theorists.

Comedian David Baddiel also joined in on the conversation, referring to the vaccine as a “mysterious genetically-engineered concoction designed in secret by Bill Gates and other Illuminati” to mock anti-vaxxers.

Unfortunately, one prominent anti-vaxxer didn’t seem to understand that Baddiel’s tweet was, in fact, a joke. As the comedian pointed out, his tweet had been shared by Jim Corr.

For those who aren't aware, Corr rose to fame as a member of Irish band The Corrs, but now seems to just be spending his time on Twitter sharing baseless conspiracy theories about the coronavirus and vaccines.

Just take Jedward’s word on it.

As several people pointed out, Baddiel’s endorsement from Corr was hilariously ironic.

Oh dear.

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