JK Rowling hits back against those abusing her for supporting Scotland in the Rugby World Cup

JK Rowling was at Twickenham on Sunday, cheering on Scotland in their Rugby World Cup quarter-final against Australia.

As the author, a vocal supporter and donor to the pro-Union "No" campaign in Scotland's independence referendum last year, live-tweeted her support during the game, she was abused for what some described as "80-minute patriotism".

Rowling responded to the abuse, with some trademark pithiness:

And then Stuart Campbell, a journalist who runs the pro-independence "Wings Over Scotland" blog, received abuse from the pro-Rowling camp for calling out her sudden Scottishness.

Without a hint of irony, people sent abuse to him saying people shouldn't send abuse on Twitter.

Abuse was flying in all directions (much of it too colourful to re-publish):

Even first minister Nicola Sturgeon appeared to chip in:

It's only a game, eh guys...

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