JLS star Aston Merrygold gives the best response after backflip backfires during show

JLS star Aston Merrygold gives the best response after backflip backfires during show
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JLS's Aston Merrygold is known for his famous backflip move when performing on stage with his bandmates, but fans were reminded how dangerous the stunt can be when it went wrong and he took a tumble recently.

While on stage at Sheffield's Utilita Arena for the band's final show of their 2023 tour, Merrygold could be seen with his fellow bandmates, Marvin Humes, JB Gill and Ortisé Williams as he stood on an extra step to gain some height and momentum for the signature move.

However, he appeared to misjudge the flip as he instead slipped causing him to fall and land on his back.

Though proving his professionalism, Merrygold immediately styled it out with a backwards floor roll and got up to join his bandmates again to continue the choreography as the band sang their song 'Hottest Girl in the World'.

Since then, Merrygold has been getting roasted on social media with people dubbing him as "Aston Merryfold" and "Aston Merryold" while fans have praised how he recovered like a pro but were concerned about whether he was hurt from the tumble.

One person wrote: "In 15 years, I have never seen him fall over."

"He could have really damaged his spine - hope he’s ok," another person said.

Someone else added: "The way he just got up and continued absolute pro, I'd of been sitting there thinking what just happened, could have been so much worse."

"Mistakes/accidents happen sometimes it’s normal!!! He did well to continue, I would have died inside/ walked off he’s amazing. Hope he’s ok," a fourth person commented.


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Well, it appears Merrygold is feeling okay after his fall as he has since taken to TikTok to joke about the failed flip.

The on-screen text read "Them: 'Aston, my friend said you fell last night'," as the JLS band member mimed the following audio from the 2015 film Legend.

"Right listen, when you see him next, you tell him from me... F**k Charlie, f**k his brother, yeah.

"And f**k that fat Georgie Cornell that hangs out with him. F**k your face. And f**k the f**king lot of you as well, what you think of that, eh?"

In the caption, Merrygold added: "Their [sic] always here for the down FALL. Ast - 843, 274. Backflip - 1."


Their always here for the down FALL 😅💀 Ast - 843,274 backflip - 1

In the comments section, fans applauded Merrygold for jesting about the failed stunt and also asked how's feeling after hitting the deck.

One fan asked: "How’s your back and neck though bro?" to which Merrygold replied: "No lies I feel good, not sure how."

"This made me laugh," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Taking the heat off JB for the Merry Christmas memes."backflip

"This is the best comeback," a fourth person replied.

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