Joe Rogan mocked after claiming straight white men will be silenced by ‘woke culture’

Joe Rogan mocked after claiming straight white men will be silenced by ‘woke culture’

Podcast host and media personality Joe Rogan has sparked a backlash after he claimed that if everyone gives in to the demands of “woke culture” then it will result in “straight white men being not allowed to talk.”

In a recent edition of his Joe Rogan Experience podcast where he spoke to comedian Joe List, Rogan gave his thoughts on “woke culture” which he believes is sweeping across the United States and could have significant consequences for some.

Rogan said: “You can never be woke enough that’s the problem, it keeps going. It keeps going further and further down the line and if you get to the point where you capitulate and you agree to all these demands it’ll eventually get to where straight white men are not allowed to talk because it’s your privilege to express yourself when other people of colour have been silenced throughout history.”

The 53-year-old expanded on this theory, adding that it will get to the stage where people aren’t allowed to go outside and that certain people are “taking advantage” of woke culture by constantly calling people out. He concludes that people just need to be “nice to each other.”

Rogan, who is no stranger to making controversial statements, has seen some pushback against his comments especially as he appeared to be painting straight white men as the overwhelming victims of woke culture, despite their demographic still being the single most powerful group on the planet.

Predictably, the backlash was either people pointing out how incorrect Rogan was or just flat out mockery.

Of course, there will be some people who agree with him. Others, however, seemed to be in favour if it would result in Rogan himself not being allowed to talk.

This is hardly the first and unlikely to be the last time Rogan says something controversial on his podcast, which is said to have a contract worth $100 million with Spotify.

He recently told ‘young and healthy’ people to not get the Covid vaccine, a statement he later apologised for. He has also spread conspiracy theories and been accused of spreading transphobia.

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