Journalist moans about people mourning for Bowie, probably now regrets her tweet about Michael Jackson

Picture: AFP/Getty
Picture: AFP/Getty

Times journalist Camilla Long tweeted some thoughts on Monday about the internet's reaction to the death of David Bowie.

There was a common grief online - Bowie's death came as a shock and lots of people were eager to air their sadness.

But Long was having none of it:

Naturally, people on Twitter were quick to get emotional about a journalist getting emotional about the internet being all emotional.

This feed shows a great deal of offence taken.

Some people pointed out that Long has in the past tweeted about the deaths of others, expressing - albeit in a more subdued manner - her thoughts.

A lot of people reproduced this comment at the time of Michael Jackson's death as an example:

Here's another:

Hundreds chimed in:

But while many questioned Long's annoyance at such stark social media mourning, the writer claimed that her Earth Song tweet was a joke.

And a lot of people agreed with her - or at least supported the premise that social media grief is a bit naff.

It was all a bit intense. Let's allow comedian Rob Delaney to close preceedings - maybe this was, or perhaps still is, indeed the case...

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