Just George Osborne doing a robot impression during an interview about tax credit cuts

Just George Osborne doing a robot impression during an interview about tax credit cuts

Chancellor George Osborne was dealt a major blow on Monday when peers voted to delay the implementation of the controversial Tory tax credit cuts.

In a rare act of defiance over financial matters, the House of Lords voted in favour of a Labour motion which demands compensation for families who rely on tax credits for at least three years, and another motion that will delay any cuts until the government responds to the Institute For Fiscal Studies' assessment on their potential negative impact.

David Cameron announced that there will be a snap review into the policy, which has been widely criticised across the political spectrum and goes against a pre-election pledge from the prime minister to protect tax credits.

At the Tory conference a few weeks ago Osborne was seen to have cemented his position as a potential successor to Cameron. But following the dramatic forced climbdown, a wide-eyed Osborne was left to face the music in a pooled interview which was broadcast by the BBC, ITN and Sky News last night.

The chancellor used the opportunity to robotically get his point that "unelected Labour and Liberal lords" had defeated a Tory budget and that raises "constitutional issues that need to be dealt with" no less than three times.

Former leader of the opposition Ed Miliband tried the same tactic in 2011 during strikes by teachers and civil servants, repeating the line "these strikes are wrong", that "parents and the public have been let down" and that the government has acted in a "reckless and provocative manner":

Needless to say, everyone's favourite hapless politician was hounded by the media for what became known as the "Miliband loop":

Will Osborne suffer the same fate?

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