George Osborne cut tax credits so somehow #BlameCorbyn is trending on Twitter

(Picture: Dan Kitwood - WPA Pool /Getty Images
(Picture: Dan Kitwood - WPA Pool /Getty Images

If you've visited Twitter this morning, you might be under the impression that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is to blame for everything from the Tories' decision to cut tax credits to the England rugby squad's early exit from the World Cup.

This is because The Daily Telegraph’s political sketchwriter Michael Deacon wrote a piece on 23 October which argued that Jeremy Corbyn held a share of the responsibility for the cuts to tax credits.

In the piece, headlined ‘Don’t want cuts to tax credits? Blame Jeremy Corbyn’, Deacon argued:

By electing someone the Tories consider a joke, they’ve made Mr Osborne feel certain he can do whatever he likes, and get away with it – because he’s convinced that even if people hate his cuts, they still aren’t going to vote Corbyn in 2020. Perhaps Mr Osborne’s confidence is misplaced, but that isn’t the point. All that matters is that he feels it, and strongly.

The first duty of the Opposition is to worry the Government. Mr Corbyn’s Labour are failing.

Now the hashtag #BlameCorbyn has started trending on social media as users seek to point out that blaming the opposition for policies which the majority government has proposed and passed, is, well, a little ridiculous.

To be fair to Deacon, he doesn't explicitly state that the tax credit cuts are all thanks to those who support Corbyn, only that they "helped this to happen."

The journalist has defended his article on Twitter, adding that he is personally opposed to the tax credit cuts:

But if this is just the beginning, what else will we be able to #BlameCorbyn for?

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