Justin Bieber kisses Jaden Smith in affectionate Coachella moment

Justin Bieber kisses Jaden Smith in affectionate Coachella moment
Justin Bieber KISSES Jaden Smith on the cheeks at Coachella 2024.
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A viral video from Coachella 2024 shows the moment Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith embrace in what seems to be a bromance moment.

It appears to start with Jaden hugging Justin closely from behind, swaying him with Justin quickly realising who it is.

Jaden then goes to hug Justin, who then kisses Jaden on the cheek.

Jaden then says hello to the other two people Justin is with before they then appear to be headed somewhere all together.

In a viral post shared on Instagram, social media users were divided of what they made of the embrace in the comments.

iamjulito said: "Hollywood is a weird place man."

jeffreyperezjr said: "They’ve known eachother since they were kids. Get over it."

lisaraybackwards said: "Justin knew that was Jaden, that's why he didn't flinch. That’s his lil brother."

bruddawilds said: "This ain’t no kind of brotherly love I’m aware of."

angel_lives2 said: "When did grinding on each other become the new greeting between men? Can we go back to handshakes please 🥴."

Wizkid ,Tems & Justin Bieber - Essence (Live Coachella 2024)www.youtube.com

During Coachella, Justin turned out for a surprise performance in the Mojave tent during Tems' set.

She had already started the opening verse of Essence when Wizkid hit the stage alongside her.

The pair traded lyrics before Justin then emerged from the side of the stage.

He delivered it in a serenade style to Tems who closed out the performance with thank you to Wizkid and Justin.

The second Coachella weekend takes place over April 19, 20 and 21.

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