Find someone who looks at you the way Ivanka Trump looks at Justin Trudeau

Getty Images / SAUL LOEB / Staff

Ivanka Trump probably doesn't fancy Justin Trudeau but ever sincethat look, we've let our imaginations run wild.

It's the fantasy romance that keeps on giving.

The pair sat next to each other at a suave-looking dinner at the three-day Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit and Gala in Washington this week.

It didn't go perfectly, but what romance blossoms without a little awkwardness? Or maybe a lot of awkwardness. Partnered with some disturbing women's rights issues.

As the President's daughter looked on, Trudeau spoke of how he was hoping her father will do more to protect women's rights.

Boos met the mention of the President's name, though Ivanka Trump is probably used to that.

Nothing like forbidden love though, right?

Picture: Picture: Getty Images / Andrew Gaballero-Reynolds / Contributor

Look at them both pleasing their fans. Two peas in a pod. Kind of.

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