Kanye West has revealed that he is currently staying in a completely windowless locker room in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium where he is currently finishing his new album Donda.

The world-renowned rapper is still working on his tenth studio album, which is already overdue from West’s original planned release date.

The 44-year-old was reported to be living in the sports stadium in Atlanta, Georgia and has now shared an image on Instagram of his living arrangements which appears to be in a concrete locker room, complete with a small wardrobe and a twin bed, with his belongings laid out on the floor.

Fans of the star were baffled by the picture with one person replying: “He sleeping in the locker room” and another asking: “WTF.” Some complimented him on his commitment to the new record. One fan said: “Simple Humble, No Distractions” with another adding: “How the best things are done. No distractions.”

West is clearly getting his money’s worth from staying in the stadium. On Saturday, he posted a video of himself in the crowd watching the MLS game between Atlanta United and Columbus Crew.

It remains unclear where West is showering or getting food but surely a major sports stadium would be able to provide these means. A spokesperson from the stadium told Insider “we’ve been able to accommodate his needs while he’s with us.”

Last week, West hosted a ‘listening party’ at the stadium for the new album which was attended by 42,000 people. The rapper reportedly turned up two hours late and didn’t say anything to the audience but did appear in the middle of the stadium in a red outfit and ski mask and just vibed to the music.

The album, which is named after his mother, was supposed to be released on 23rd July but has now been pushed back until 6th August.

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