Kanye West is making it known he has a new muse: Julia Fox.

The “Off the Grid” singer appears to be showing off his new girlfriend in every opportunity he gets, and Fox isn’t exactly camera shy.

Since splitting from his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, and subsequently asking her to “run right back” to him, his sudden relationship with the actress shocked fans.

As surprising as the pairing initially was for some people, eventually the couple made a lot of sense with many pointing out that the two have similar personalities, which makes them a great match.

Of course, it seems like West thinks so too, which is why he’s been bringing Fox to more outings.

Recently, the couple hung out with a few of the rapper’s fellow A-list celebrities: Madonna, Floyd Mayweather, and former Tampa Bay Buccaneers player Antonio Brown.

It’s a weird group to begin with and definitely not the mix we’d ever imagine would chill together in the first place; but actual footage of their time together makes it all the more bizarre.

In the video, Fox is lounging on the couch with her leg wrapped across West’s lap, while the group all jams out to Drake’s song “Come Thru.”

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West has made his longtime feud with Drake public, and while the two recently made up to perform at the Larry Hoover Benefit Concert together, it’s still odd to see West publicly listen to someone he has beef with.

Evan Ross, the son of Diana Ross, also shared a photo of him and the group together.

People were quick to call out just how awkward the whole situation looked.

Let’s just say, the Twitterverse didn’t hold back from sharing their joint confusion.

Other people took particular issue with the fact that Madonna was present, making some pretty ageist comments about the 63-year-old.

Of course, she is older than everyone there.

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