Blac Chyna sobs in court, Kris Jenner takes stand in lawsuit between ...

The courtroom artist who has been covering the Kardashian family's trial with Blac Chyna drew severe criticism after releasing sketches of the KarJenners. Now, she is speaking out and defending her work as she claims she was sat at the "back of the courtroom" and "didn't have much of a view."

The artist, Mona Shafer Edwards, went viral this week when her sketches of the KarJenner family present at the trial—Kim, Khloe, Kylie, and Kris—were published online. The trial involves legal proceedings for Blac Chyna's $108 million case against the family. Critics have joked(with a hint of sincerity) that Edwards has depicted the mogul family as "ugly."

However, the artist is now firing back at the jokes and insisted that courtroom sketching is not as simple as some might think.

"I do the best work I can," Edwards tells She also explained that she feels many people have a "skewed vision" of what she does and "don't know what courtroom art is about."

"I’ve been doing this a very long time," she added, explaining that her job requires her to be "very fast" while drawing and have a "photographic memory."

She also said that her job requires her to draw with a pen, not a pencil, making her job difficult.

The Kardashians are not the first famous faces Edwards has sketched; with the faces of her career involving OJ Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Michael Jackson and many more "very high-profile" celebrities in court.

"I don't usually look at the comments," Edwards explains although she admitted that she couldn't help but notice the uproar over her Kardashian drawings.

Many people have claimed that her drawing portrays that she "is clearly not a Kardashian fan" and that she's instead on "team Blac Chyna." However, Edwards tells Daily Mail that isn't true.

"I always try to be very objective," she told the outlet.

"The courtroom sketch artist is clearly NOT a Kardashian fan. These ugly depictions of Kim, Khloe, and Kylie are hysterical and speak to how they have deformed themselves in a very unattractive way. Good on Kris though. She looks good! #chynatrial #kardashiantrial #robandchyna," reads one tweet in reference to the drawings.

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