Kate Moss got unfortunate nickname after misunderstanding Irish slang word

Kate Moss got unfortunate nickname after misunderstanding Irish slang word
Kate Moss’ Best Looks From The 1990s

British model Kate Moss has explained why she and her friend, fellow model Naomi Campbell, call each other the Irish slang word "wagon." However, it appears she completely misunderstood the meaning of the term.

In a clip originally shared on TikTok by British Vogue, in honour of Moss' birthday (16 January), she detailed her experience of the "wagon" nickname, appearing to believe it is another word for "drunk."

"We were in Ireland, and we got a little bit tipsy at a wedding," she says in the clip.

"So basically, we were all wagons. During that time, we were all doing shows, drinking a lot of champagne, and calling each other wagon," Moss continues.

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Happy birthday #KateMoss! So, what’s the story behind Kate and #NaomiCampbell calling each other Wagon?

But Irish viewers were left in stitches by Moss' admission, as the term pertains to people, particularly women, who are unpleasant or annoying.

One person on TikTok wrote: "I wanna know who called them wagons and told them that's what it meant.'

"Someone's done Kate dirty there," another added.

A third quipped: "Whoever got them to say they were wagons is still telling that story, I bet."

Someone else jokingly added: "I wouldn't repeat that story, Kate!"

The video also made the rounds on Twitter, with many echoing the same sentiments.

"Sorry...what," one person wrote.

Moss and Campbell have been friends for a while, having met each other in Los Angeles while modeling in the 1990s.

The two are among the best-known supermodels to grace runways.

In 1993, Campbell was engaged to U2 bass player Adam Clayton, which resulted in she and Moss traveling to Ireland often. Bono's wife, Ali Hewson, went on to call them "the wagons" after meeting them.

In a 2016 interview with The Sunday Times, Campbell broke the experience down further.

"Kate was little wagon, Christy [Turlington] was the original wagon, and I was Black wagon," she said.

When Campbell was asked if they were called "wagon[s]" because they were "falling off them," a reference to drinking too much, she said it was because they were "naughty" and enjoying their lives.

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