Kim Kardashian deletes ‘poor taste’ level ‘inspired by Harry and Meghan’ from her mobile game

Kim Kardashian deletes ‘poor taste’ level ‘inspired by Harry and Meghan’ from her mobile game
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Kim Kardashian has removed a new level on her popular smartphone game Kim Kardashian: Hollywoodwhich appeared to make a reference to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s exit from the Royal Family.

The level, titled ‘Royal Runaways’, features two characters called Prince Aston and Princess Bianca who flee their “unwelcoming” family after giving a televised interview. Hmm... sound familiar?

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In the game, Bianca reportedly says: “Prince Aston has done everything in his power to welcome me into the Royal Family. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about everyone in his family. The Queen is a symbol of tradition, but as times change, perhaps some traditions become outdated.”

According to the Daily Mail, Kardashian was unaware of the level until Tuesday and immediately asked the game’s developers to remove it. A source close to Kardashian said: “She is disappointed that this happened and has requested an internal investigation to ensure that this misstep doesn’t happen again.”

A spokesperson for Glu Mobile, who made the game, confirmed that they had deleted the level after receiving negative feedback as it could be seen as trivialising the situation and was in ‘poor taste’ following Prince Philip’s death.

“We heard a lot of valuable feedback around our recent Prince Aston and Princess Bianca quest,” they said.

“It’s clear we missed the mark with this, and we sincerely apologize. We did not intend to direct any negativity towards any particular person or groups of people. The content is no longer live in the game.”

The game reportedly involves players holding an auction for Bianca and Aston that will help raise funds for them outside the royal family, as well as featuring the couple having a conversation with the Queen. Kardashian also appears in the game as a friend and a PR for the couple.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood/Glu Mobile

Kardashian launched the popular game in 2014 where players have to increase their character’s reputation in Hollywood in order to become an A-list celebrity. It is unclear how much money Kardashian makes from the game but Glu, which was brought by Electronic Arts in February, posted a revenue of $540.5 million last year.

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