Kim Kardashian left ‘freaked out’ by mysterious woman in background of her own photo

Kim Kardashian left ‘freaked out’ by mysterious woman in background of her own photo
Kim Kardashian Accused Of Massive Photoshop Fail

Kim Kardashian’s Instagram snaps often make headlines for more than just her outfit choices thanks to her at-times unusual photoshoot locations or embarrassing photoshop “fails”.

However, in her latest eyebrow-raising post, the 42-year-old entrepreneur has intentionally grabbed the attention of would-be internet sleuths.

In a caption to the selfie, which shows a seemingly make-up-free Kim pouting nonchalantly at her phone, she wrote: “I took this pic last week when I was alone and now going through my phone I am freaking out noticing a woman in the window.”

In the background of the picture, framed in the reflection of a sunlit window, a shadowy figure can be seen.

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Commentators were quick to offer their theories on the mysterious apparition, with the post racking up more than 2.4 million likes in just 17 hours.

Some were similarly unsettled by the unknown “woman”, with one writing: “This is a case for the FBI”.

However, others were dismissive of the star’s concerns.

“It’s probably her personal assistant,” one said. “She just wanted to post this pic without appearing as if she wants to really post this pic because she thinks she looks good in minimal makeup.”

“Calm down it's one of the nanny's [sic] or maids,” added another critic.

“Who photoshopped this to give you some more headlines,” wrote a third sceptic.

Elsewhere, another of Kim’s 362 million followers, joked that it was “Todd Kraines”, to the delight of numerous fans.

To the uninitiated, Todd Kraines is a family friend of the Kardashians who was thrust into the limelight thanks to an elaborate prank.

Over a number of months and even years, Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-husband Scott Disick called the family’s matriarch Kris Jenner repeatedly, pretending to be Kraines, who is a real estate agent over in Beverly Hills.

The Kraines bit is often named among fans' favourite long-running jokes from the KUWT series.

KUWTK | Auntie Kris, It's Me, Todd Kraines--Again! | E!www.youtube.com

Anyway, back to Kim’s photo, other critics insisted there was an even simpler explanation for the shadow-person, with one commenting: “That’s literally your reflection.”

Another agreed, suggesting: “It's your reflection in theTV? Side profile and your bag, you can clearly see your arm holding up your phone. Or I'm [losing] it lol.”

We prefer the Todd Kraines interpretation, to be honest.

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