4 things we learnt from Kim Kardashian's big podcast interview

4 things we learnt from Kim Kardashian's big podcast interview
Kim Kardashian 'cries herself to sleep' over being a single parent to …

Kim Kardashian appeared on Jay Shetty's On Purpose podcast where she was incredibly candid about her past relationships, parenthood and things she "wished she knew sooner".

Since launching his YouTube channel in 2016, Shetty has made a name for himself as an award-winning podcaster, author and life coach. His clips have since garnered over 4 billion views and a collective social media following of 20 million.

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In an upload this week, Shetty sat down with the business mogul to discuss many areas of her life.

Here are five revelations we took from the episode:

Parenting challenges

The business mogul opened up about the realities of having four children while speaking to Shetty.

She candidly shared how there are some nights she would "cry myself to sleep," adding: "Like, holy s***, this f****** tornado in my house. Like, what just happened?"

"With all the moods and the personalities and sometimes they're fighting, and you know, there's no one there."

She went on to call "mom guilt" the "hardest thing."

"You have to also separate though and understand that you need your own bit of sanity, so you have to do what makes you happy. Working for me, I love working, so that makes me happy. Anytime I think something's really hard, I dive into work," Kardashian said.

According to the star, quality time with her children make them feel cared about.

"You feel like you're the worst mom if something's going on and you can't fix it. You have no idea how to change it, your kids are fighting, whatever it is."

She added: "I think how to balance work with that is when you're home being really present. Kids, all they want is time. They just want your time."

"You cannot help people that don't want the help"

While Kardashian didn't explicitly name her ex-husband Kanye West, she believes that a break-up doesn't necessarily mean it was a "failure".

"Sometimes I feel like people think that if a relationship doesn't work out that it's a failure, but I don't really look at it like that 15 years together, 10 years. That's not a failure. That is so beautiful," she said.

She also said she learned how you "cannot help people that don't want the help".

"You can't force your beliefs and project that on someone that thinks something totally different," she went on to add, before explaining how its "okay to have those different views."

However, "if you don't align in the same values and morals and things at your core, then it's okay to realise that this life is so short, and you should go and find the people that do align with what you really believe in."

Her current dating life

While Kardashian hasn't ruled out any future romantic relationships following her split from comedian Pete Davidson in August 2022, she made clear that she wants to take it slow.

"I definitely will take my time, and I think there's so many factors, especially when you have kids, of being mindful of people that enter in your life," Kardashian told Shetty.

"If I can look at everything that I did wrong and try to not make the same mistakes and really take my time, I think it just has to be different for me. ... I'm so comfortable taking my time to not rush it. There's so much going on that I'm not lonely."

She no longer values materialistic things

Kardashian noted that her interest in material things has diminished over the years.

"First time, I packed up my entire shoe and bag closet," she said, referring to the California wildfires.

"Third time, leave all the bags and shoes, I don't need 'em. We got all the photos, we got my little blankie when I was little, the kids' stuff. Fourth time, leave everything. Me and my babies, that's all I need."

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