Kourtney Kardashian trolls sister Kim over infamous TV moment

Kourtney Kardashian trolls sister Kim over infamous TV moment
Kim Kardashian accuses sister Kourtney of 'copying' wedding
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Kourtney Kardashian trolled her sister Kim Kardashian in the most hilarious way after referencing one of her most infamous TV moments.

The Kardashians have become one of the world’s most famous families, partly because of their long-running reality series. The show followed their lives for years, documenting everything from weddings and break-ups to feuds between family members, including sisters Kim and Kourtney.

Recently, fans were left in hysterics after Kourtney posted a picture on Instagram trolling Kim over the famous moment she lost an expensive diamond earring in the sea.

The moment occurred on a family trip to Bora Bora in French Polynesia during season six in 2011. Kim’s then-boyfriend Kris Humphries threw her into the sea where she lost a $75,000 diamond earring in the water and proceeded to cry.

At the time, Kourtney responded to the drama with the iconic line: “Kim, there’s people that are dying.”

Kourtney trolled her younger sister Kim by referencing the moment in the caption of her most recent Instagram post. Under a picture of her in the sea on holiday, Kourtney wrote: “My diamond earring came off in the ocean and it’s gone.”

Fans were all on the same wavelength and chimed in with her famous line in the comments.

“Kourtney, there’s people that are dying….,” one wrote.

Another said: “Thank you for always reminding her of that moment Kourt. We love you the most.”

Another Instagram user said: “The best caption I’ve seen in a long while.”

Even the sisters’ mother Kris Jenner got in on the action, writing: “Kourtney there are people that are dying ….”

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